Mowgli – Child becomes mentee

Dear Parents,

Do you know the pair of friends from theJungle Book‘? Baloo, the strong, friendly bear, accompanies the human boy Mowgli for a while on his not always easy path through the jungle, until he safely arrives at the human settlement. Baloo lets Mowgli try a lot on this path and protects him where necessary. He enables new experiences, has time to listen and to have fun, teaches him a lot, shows how to cope with difficult situations and explains the rules of (jungle) life. In short, Baloo is a great friend and Mowgli can rely on him.

Mowgli has important experiences at the side of his great friend. He has someone to himself and learns important things:
… I know something,
… I dare to try something new,
… I have something to say,
… someone listens to me,
… I can rely on a friend.

The programme ‘Balu und Du’ has been in existence since 2002. Around 15,000 pairs of young people and children have been arranged so far many of which have become real friendships.

Our Baloos are young people, mostly pupils or students who want to get involved, for example because they want to work with children in their future profession. They meet for the duration of one year on an honorary basis! weekly on one day withtheir Mowgli‘.

There is certainly a lot to discover and experience in your living environment stroll through nature, visit playgrounds and parks, go swimming, explore the library, take a bus, go to the cinema, eat an ice cream, bake, cook, paint, play with each other, chat and above all have a lot of fun together.

The children benefit demonstrably from participating in the programme and learn a lot about it. The meetings are arranged in advance with you as a parent: you fill out a questionnaire withyour‘ Baloo during the meeting, in which you can specify exactly what your child is allowed and what not, what you need to look out for and what you want as a parent.

Your child‘s participation in the programme is free of charge. Each team from Mowgli and Baloo receives a small pocket money from us, which can be used to pay for entrance fees or handicraft materials.

Your child is insured against accident and liability during meetings with his or her Baloo via the Balu und Du e. V. The Baloos themselves must present an unregistered police certificate of good conduct before starting their activities. In addition, we as Braunschweiger Dschungel e. V. are always well informed about the meetings through written reports of the Baloos and regular exchange of experiences and ideas with other Baloos.

If you want a great friend for your child, please contact your child‘s primary school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. For further information, please visit:

https://www. balu-und-du. de/mitmachen/als-mogli/info-fuer-eltern